Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Entry

*note- despite the lack of chronological correctness this was indeed my first post that was unfortunately deleted.

Here I am in the fishbowl at school looking through blogs instead of working on Squadfits like I should be. One of the glorious things about these first couple weeks of August is being on whatever schedule I like. Lingering in bed to read in the morning is one of my favorite uses of this gift of time. I am currently being inspired by Madeline L'Engle's Circle of Quiet, which I accidently stumbled upon in the library while looking for something else.It's funny, but sometimes I get so caught up in the not so real busy things of life that I forget that I love to read. Actually I suppose that isn't funny at all.

My very best friend in the whole world visited me this weekend. We had a really good time together. I used to believe that everyone had a friend like her, that everyone had a relationship as close, had an Other. Only a few years ago did I realize how blessed I was. It's funny that we both go to school so far away and yest so semi-close to each other. It happened so accidentally. She graduates this December and I'm so proud of her. Sister Alex is a very smart woman, though she doesn't realize it.

I am rat-sitting this week. Okay, by this week I actually mean Saturday night and yesterday. They belong to Rhett and Scarlett and are named Neville Longbottom and Sir Tobey. Last night the three of us lay on the couch and I tried not to be too ticklish while they scurried around my neck like a living scarf. I talked to Sister Alex last night and said I was going to miss them when they left today. "Yes but Scarlett and Rhett will be back." Oh yeah.


I've been holding off going to the library because I want to finish Circle of Quiet before I start something else. I was so proud of myself when I only checked out that book, and it took a lot of effort to do so. This isn't because I take books home and devour them, that's exactly the problem.

Despite my complaints that we have a terrible school library there are plenty of good treasures there and I easily become overwhelmed by the literary feast. I want to know everything about everything so I grab several books that dazzle me, convinced that with some scheduling I'll somehow be an expert on seven new topics within a month. Consequently I read none of them and feel like a failure.

And so, when I discovered Mrs L'Engle's book, and found sitting on the library floor, that this was something I wanted to read, I had to force myself out of the library without grabbing anything else. It has been well worth it. I must remember the neccesity of small steps.

So why did I go today? Because it's gorgeous outside and I want to read some by the fountain before I head home. Also, Mrs L'Engle has reminded me of the importance of Fairy Tales and I wanted to get a book of Grimm's. I also took a look about the poetry section and chose a slender blue book of 75 poems by e.e. cummings. I'm not familiar with cummings and I enjoyed our small introduction, once again seated on the linoleaum floor of the library.

After choosing some music and happily realizing that I could watch videos at the library (I just put my television away last night. More on this later. I had no idea what a fantastic video collection we have!) I went to check out.
e.e. cummings was one of the older books which you have to sign for on it's card instead of through the computer. It hadn't been checked out since 1979. This similtaneously mortified and pleased me, in the same way you feel when you discover you are someone's sole friend. I was sad it had gone unloved for so long, but pleased that I got to rescue it.