Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Hours and Fifteen Minutes

"We always wind up talking about death." says Binker to me on the phone this evening.

"We do not always wind up talking about death. It's part of life and we talk about pretty much everything so yeah we're going to talk about it but we do not always talk about it.", I object.

"Oh! That reminds me. I thought of an interesting scenario. What if it wasn't you that had two hours and fifteen minutes, it was someone else?"

"That is interesting!", pause, "okay so maybe we do talk about death a lot."

Two hours and fifteen minutes. It's a game we started about a year and a half ago. If the world was going to explode in two hours and fifteen minutes what would you do with that time? I'm pretty sure at the time it was because we wanted to watch Batman instead of go to class but it didn't go away.

From this came all sorts of hypothesis and variations of the question. Does the whole world KNOW it's going to blow up or only the two of us? What if it was just the two of us that were going to die and no explosions were present? What if just one of us was? What if it was a week instead of two hours and fifteen minutes? And now, what if someone else had two hours and fifteen minutes? Do only you know?

Would you tell the person? It was decided that this would depend on the person. If you don't tell the person are you responsible for telling people this person is close to?

I ask what Binker would do if someone just came up to him and told him he only had two hours and fifteen minutes to live. He wouldn't really take them seriously, some random stranger, but I insist that he would still look at that time slot differently and whether or not random stranger was prophet or loon (though sometimes the two are not mutually exclusive) would weigh on his mind. Of course after all the conversations we've had about it he says that if someone randomly came up and spouted that exact number at him he would certainly wonder.

I suggested we could change people's lives by being the random prophet loons. Not becuase they'd die, but because maybe they'd live those two hours and fifteen minutes in a different light. Maybe they'd call their Mom. Maybe they'd get a massage. Maybe we'd get arrested. It wouldn't be the first time one of our "normal" activities got attention from the police.
("I need to see some ID."
Sorry sir none of us have any on us.
"What are you all doing down here "(at the park after dark)
We were singing sir.
" ? ... ? I need to see some ID.")

In a mere fifteen minutes it will be 2:00 and I should most certainly be in bed by that time. Goodnight and if the world explodes may your dreams til then be pleasant ones! And I hope you fit in a good midnight snack. ;)