Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paper Cranes

It's three in the morning. I hate being up this late. It means the next few days, maybe even the week, feels off. But insomnia is a catching thing it seems, here at the Burrow and in Transistional phases I usually have much on the brain in the way of potential plans so it can be difficult to shut them off.

Mom and I took Dev (I used to have psuedonyms on here, what were they anyway?) to his new apartment on Tuesday. We didn't expect to stay overnight but amidst a day of various adventures (which he already wrote about and I'll post because he covered it well.) that's what wound up happening and I was glad for it. As he arranged his room with his belongings he made a comment about it being nice to know where everything went after being in a transitional mindset for so many months. How nice it was to be settled. I said yes, that I wanted that too and he laughed at me. "No you don't." he said practically in a guffaw.

And I know what he means, and he's right. I don't neccesarily want to be in one single place for the rest of my life yet. I like to travel about and see people and check out new places. (However I am getting to a point where I'd like to know where to anchor at least. That doesn't mean I have to stay there consistently but it would be good to have a base.) But what I meant was I would like to know where to hang my cranes.

For my twenty first birthday I received one of my all time favorite gifts, a handmade mobile of paper cranes from my beautiful friend Erika. Everywhere I've been since then they've been wrapped up, carefully packed (which is difficult I must say), untangled and hung by or above my bed. They've been packed away in my luggage since the end of May. It's nice to visit my family here at the Burrow, but it isn't where I can hang my cranes. With Devan moved out the little boys get their own rooms now & I'm excited to see them hang their cranes, as it were, making up their own corners of the world and arranging for their space as they please.

And I look forward to seeing where my next corner is too.

I'd love to hear about your corner. What is your version of a paper crane mobile? What would you take into a new space that makes it 'home', makes it yours?