Sunday, October 25, 2009

Richly Blessed

Today I took a walk on the C&O with Mom, Julie and Kaitlyn. My shoes were still wet from our five hour hike on the AT yesterday so I decided to take my ruby reds JIC and barefoot it like the old days. The days when the Gypsy's reigned. :smile: Lukas asked me last night whatever happened to the Gypsy's. 'We grew up I guess.' I answered, but I wasn't satisfied with that reply. Most of us are still Neverlanders so 'growing up' doesn't seem to say it right. I mean we moved from home, went to school, got married, had babies. "Not all of us." I clarified, warding off his smart comments about being married. 'I was going to say.' Lukas commented.

I used to go barefoot everywhere and then I got suddenly germ conscious after learning at an Arbonne presentation that whatever hits your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. But lately I've been re inspired to go it barefoot. According to Kaitlyn, who is one very smart cookie which makes her a knockout because she's got the brains and the beauty, going barefoot is better for your whole body. There's a whole barefoot society. If you go barefoot enough you build up callouses that protect your feet too. My friend MJ runs track and she actually started the inspiration to go shoeless again. (I never thought I would have to be re inspired to do that!) According to MJ the fastest runners in the world are from...shoot, I don't actually remember. I think Nigeria, though I'm not certain. Wherever they're from they run barefoot. So MJ does too. She trained that way and then asked her coach if she could compete barefoot. After her coach asked the judges there was a long debate but it turns out there are no actual rules against it and so MJ competes barefoot. You go girl.

And so today my barefeet took me from Maryland to West Virginia along the Potomac river with my Mama and two good friends. The pebbles were a rough way to toughen them up again but random spots of mud, soft ground and leaves were a welcome relief.

I'm so grateful to be back at home for the fall. I grew up in a truly beautiful place and I appreciate it even more now that I recognize that not everywhere is like this. This fall has been nice and long too, the leaves taking their time to change color, and retaining their flame orangeredsyellows late into October. Mom's been hiking nearly everyday and so now that I'm crashing at the Burrow I've gotten to be outside with her, my brothers, the Forsythes actually seeing and experiencing the beauty of the fall on a daily basis. It's good to spend time with family and friends in my home place.

'The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need the sun, and the rain and the appleseed the Lord is good to me.'

Friday, October 23, 2009


I've been thinking a lot the past couple of days about story in regard to living out your life. This has been inspired but Don Miller's new book and by hearing him speak on the subject this week. I love story and so reading his ideas on applying the elements of story to how you live your life was very appealing to me. And finishing up the book this evening I'm reminded of a story I got to be a part of five years ago.

Tonight, in Boston, four of my team mates from AmeriCorps*NCCC are gathering together for our fifth year reunion. Don talks in his book about how conflict and memorable scenes are necessary to a great story. The AmeriPlayers most certainly had both. Our scenes took place all across the country, from Denver to DC, planting gardens, corralling children, deconstructing houses, moving 3 tons of rock 3 times (that is not an exaggeration, trying not to go postal in cubicles doing inane work during hurricane season, performing in a variety of locations, swimming in our underwear, oh my goodness the list could go on. And we certainly had our conflict, without which I can attest to what Mr Miller says in his book, we would not have grown as close as we did, would not have had a great story. And now we talk about those conflicts at our reunions as if they're unattached to us.

I miss them today and I'm sad I'm not there. But I'm grateful that we've kept in touch, grateful for the times we've had, glad that I got to see some of them last weekend. We met up in DC to see Mel's (our teamleader)draft performance of her new play. Whenever we meet up again we slip into our rhythm right away, as though however much time hasn't passed. We've integrated new parts into our lives, of course, but Jeanna is Jeanna and asks Jeanna questions in a Jeanna way and so it goes with each of us. I love it. After the play and the party we went to Baltimore and stayed up until 5 in the morning talking about life now and life then and other peoples lives and life in between. I never stay up that late but I truly enjoyed it. I'm glad to be part of that story.

And so those of you in Boston, I hope you have a beautiful time this weekend. And I hope that next year we can all make it. I love you each,
Your Feet

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Route

Well the weekend in Charlottesville was wonderful and I had a lovely time visiting with my good friend Bonnie. The audition was a lot of fun and I think that it went well. I'll know about what happens next by Thanksgiving.

As for DC, I decided on Tuesday to go with the Realtor's original decision and not move to the city. I'm more than okay with this and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. It does put me back in that category of not knowing what next steps are but as Jennifer Jackson so encouragingly put it, "God knows." She's the lady I knew at the house in DC and I am so grateful for her kindness and understanding.

Thank you so much for your prayers and care. If you think of it please pray that the girls will find a roommate soon and also that new doors will open up for me. I do plan to still move from South Riding and hope to crash at home for a bit while pursuing new possibilities. (I've yet to ask my Mom about this so, uh, I hope that's okay. * ;) )

This update is a little artless but I wanted to at least let people know what was going on. Thanks again!

* I did check with Mom before posting. ;) Thanks Mom!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Next Steps Road Block. Detour or New Destination?

Hello All~
In an effort to not push numerous notes and messages of updates on unsuspecting readers I'm going to attempt to keep things up here so that whoever wishes to come see can and the rest won't have an inundation of 'Faith news'. It's changing rapidly lately so the notes keep coming.

Most of you know that I've been in the process of preparing to move to DC mid-October. The ladies of the rowhouse invited me to take their soon to be married rommies place and I've been quite excited about it. This morning I received an e-mail from the real estate office saying that my application could not go further because I didn't have sufficient income.

I'm working as a waitress at a newly opened restaurant so we're gaining business as we go and weekdays are slow. However due to the help of my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dave letting me stay with them (they feed me too!) I haven't had very many expenses and have been able to save. And the plan was to get a waitressing job at a high traffic (seems they all are) restaurant in DC once I moved.

I'm not ready to simply throw in the towel and intend to ask them if there's anything else I can do. However if this is a closed door, I'm willing to accept that too and God's timing has been so good in this whole process (who am I kidding, it always is. But this time it seems visible in the short term not just looking back) that I know whatever happens is for a reason. He is so good and He always provides for me.

So I could use prayers that the right doors will be open and others firmly shut. I think it's time for a new step whether or not this is it. And prayers that whatever the outcome is the girls will find a room mate soon.

It's interesting that I found out today. Originally tomorrow was the move-in date but it was extended to mid-Oct which was good at the time and even better now. There have been blessings in the date change, one being that after it did I found out that I've been invited to auditions at the American Shakespeare Center tomorrow. I get to visit dear friends from Jackson for the weekend and audition for a company that I really want to work for. God is so good! And He is faithful. I'm excited to see where things lead though it may not look like I thought it would.

Thanks for reading! have a lovely fall day and I'll try to be back soon.