Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ducks and Cranes

Well. Here we are again. My paper cranes aren't moving after all. I'm back at 'what's next?' with the temptation to dive in and figure it out though I still need time to re-evaluate. I feel redundant. But that seems slightly silly because it's been a happening four months. The happening didn't go the way I'd planned, but it doesn't mean it wasn't an adventure or a learning/growing experience. It doesn't mean it wasn't a good experience either. Because it was.

But I do feel redundant. I'm back again to the same questions of 'what' & 'where'. Not to mention 'how'. Right now 'what' is a nap, 'where' is Sam's top bunk, and 'how' is getting off of this smallish update and lying down. :smile: And I suppose one moment at a time is a good way to take it. I just don't do well that way. I like many moments all lined up. But ducks don't like to stay in a row all the time. So happy napping for now. :)