Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got to see two dear friends this week and it was delightful. On Monday I found myself wondering at work if my friend Corey was in town after her graduation and if so how I would like to see her. That night I get home and my cell phone give that happy 'somebody loves me!' text ding. It was Corey saying she was in town until Sunday and could we get together! So we met at one of my favourite cafes in Harpers Ferry for lunch the next day. She drove an hour and a half to see me. :) We hugged tight- Corey gives wonderful hugs- and the cafe lady thought we were oh so cute because we were so glad to see each other. We talked about life and how much it had changed in just the two months since I'd last seen her. We talked about theatre, our passion for it and vision for the future. About Belhaven friends and how quickly four years have passed. It was so good.

Then yesterday another sister, Annaka, came to town. She was coming from Ohio for a wedding in Maryland and came a little further to see me and her 48th state. I lived with Annaka in Indiana last year. We also caught up and my Mom invited her to stay the night before having to head to Maryland so she met my family and stayed at the Burrow. It feels so cozy there lately and looks all rainforesty in the backyard with the summer green coming on the trees. It was good to show her my home, take her to Harpers Ferry, have a girls night where we stayed up til 1:30 catching up and reminiscing.

These women, along with so many other dear friends and family, not only remind me of beautiful memories and good, growing times, but of who I am and what I love to do. We can reminisce about the old, shake our heads at how fast time goes (my brother who is supposed to be 5 turned 15 today!) but it doesn't stop there. We can also listen to what's happened since, and encourage in what's ahead. I'm so grateful for that.