Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hullo again!

As some of you may already know I am now back at home after MWF (a wonderful 6 weeks of hard work and good fellowship) and am in a two week countdown for my new job for which I am, let's just say, stoked! I am going to be working as a steward for Lindblad Expeditions. Though I've been telling people that I'm going to be working on a cruise ship, it isn't quite accurate so I thought I'd tell a bit about the differences.
Lindblad is partnered with National Geopgraphic and they are better described as eco-tourism than luxury cruises. LEX ships are smaller and their trips are focused on exploring the natural world. LEX ships stop several times within an excursion to explore an area through hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and such. They travel with a team of Naturalists, Historians, Geologists and Scientists who interact with guests whether through a lecture or discussion or at a meal. There are Zodiacs, kayaks and underwater cameras on board and the schedule is flexible so that if something extraordinary happens they don't have to rush off to the next destination and miss it.
What will I be doing? Working my butt off! :) Seriously though- I'll be working 12 hour days 7-10 days at a time as a Steward which is in the hospitality branch and means I'll be prepping the dining room, serving food, cleaning rooms, turning down beds, that kind of thing.
And so, in short, that is what I'm looking forward to next. It's a six month contract so I'll be gone from August to February. I will have limited computer access but will be able to receive letters (no packages though. Just flat mail.) We begin in Alaska, and I'll work for a few weeks with my AmeriCorps teammate Jordan! In the fall I believe we'll be on the Snake River in Oregon and for winter we'll go to California and Mexico.
I'm so excited for this adventure & would very much appreciate your prayers! The next two weeks I'll try to update a bit over here in blog-dom before I unplug for a while. Thanks for reading!

~Here is a video about the work that I'll be doing ~