Monday, March 21, 2011

....Hello Land

I last left this blog in LaPaz Mexico with a 'Farewell part one' which was to imply that there would be other parts but here I am a month later and no such thing has of yet been fulfilled. And so a new title I think. But still from where I left off...
Waking up the next morning and leaving the hotel to find an empty dock was a little strange. I had breakfast at an Mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio. I wasn't sure what I ordered when I ordered it but it was a tasty breakfast. I also enjoyed a last La Fuentes ice cream and took it out to the beach. Passionfruit and guava. Yummy!
Leaving La Paz in the afternoon I landed in LA and met up with a YWAM friend, Melinda, who finished film school and recently made the move to LA. She showed me around the next day and we went to Grauman's Chinese Theater and I took lots of pictures of all the different famous handprints. It was pretty fabulous. Melinda told me what it was like to live in LA and as I gushed about some of the exciting things we saw and about my passion for acting she stopped me and told me that if I was really passionate about it, really serious about it that I needed to be here, in LA.
That night I sat in on an acting class at John Kirby's studio. I'd been curious about John's studio and about LA in general for a long time and so this short trip was to appease that curiousity and see if this is somewhere I'd actually be interested in being. I very much enjoyed the class, the actors all did very good work and I enjoyed seeing John and Nathan again too. I got a hotel room close to the airport and went to sleep feeling like living in LA would be more feasible than I had originally thought.


From LA I flew to St. Louis to stay with my best friend/little sister Kaelen and her husband Drew and to meet their beautiful baby son, Abel. It was a welcome change of pace to be in their home in St. Charles, talking with Kae, cuddling Abel, taking in a season I hadn't seen any of this year. Kaelen took me downstairs and showed me my 'room'. With loving care she had sectioned off a corner of the basement with pretty curtains and made a room for me complete with a bed, dresser, rug, lamp and Christmas lights. It was decorated in the familiar fashion of our times at Belhaven, the signature Kaelen draped fabrics, and in my colors, Christmas lights for me, and dark chocolate on the pillow. It was so welcoming and lovely, I nearly cried.

It was so good to spend time with them, to meet my 'nephew', get to know Drew better, catch up with Kae. I hadn't seen her since her wedding over a year before. Things in our life change but our rythym is always there and it's easy to reconnect. I'd originally wondered if staying a week was too long, to which Kaelen quickly corrected me, and when it was time to leave I found that the time had flown.


Home yet? Not quite. From St. Louis I flew to Florida where I've spent the last three weeks with my aunt and cousins. We've had fun, sometimes going to the beach, sometimes playing with Tyler (my 7 year old cousin), or riding bikes, or just talking and laughing. I made Theresa laugh the other day because I jumped in her cold pool and for someone who has lived in Florida as long as she has a March pool dive is just ridiculous. Our most fun day was just this past week when we went to Boca Grande and spent an hour out on the sea kayaks. As soon as the kayak hit the water a smile hit my face and it was grand.

Between times here with Theresa I've taken a trip to Orlando to see my friend Erin and go to an (unsuccesful) audition. We had a delightful time and she surprised me and took me to Disney World for the first time. SO much fun. We also watched Carol Burnett and met up amazingly with my aunt, uncle and cousins from Virginia who happened to be in town! I also took a trip to Sanibel Island to meet my Mom's best friend from Jr. High. We walked on the beach and she told me that I had my Mama's feet. hehe.

I've been taking my time here because I was hoping to meet my new cousin (baby tour remember?) who usually lives here but is currently in New Zealand with her Mom and Dad ( my cousin Lora and her husband Dan ) We found out they aren't returning to May and I need to see my own family before then so I leave on Thursday for West Virginia! Mountain Mama, take me home, down country roads....

I'll be home through Easter, visiting with my family (woot!), catching up with some friends, doing taxes (yay) and all that jazz. And then after Easter I'll head to Winona Lake, IN to help out at CPAF before MasterWorks in June where I get to be a counselor and attend the Festival! Woot! And so that, in a nutshell, is the past and next few weeks. In case you wanted to know. ;)