Tuesday, August 23, 2011

from then to now ~

hmmmm. Recap of writing absence....

Last bit of March ~ wound up Florida visit and 'baby tour'. Last day of Florida visit sent out my application for Stella Adler Studio of Acting Evening Conservatory in New York.

April ~ Visits at The Burrow with family. Send audition video to Stella Adler Studio. 7th annual AmeriCorps Reunion in Baltimore, MD.
Telephone interview with Stella Adler Studio. Acceptance to Stella Adler Studio. Excitement but uncertainty regarding Stella Adler Studio/NY. A good Easter at my Aunt Beckie's house with aunts, uncles and cousins.
A week in Indiana at CPAF.

May ~ Indiana to Alaska. One month fill in on the boat. Wonderful welcome there. Hard work, gorgeous scenery, great day off which included hiking, kayaking, and a zodiac tour through morning fog where we saw a sea lion tear into a HUGE halibut. Incredible experience with a humpback who hung out by our bow for over half an hour, slapping his fins playfully. Even the naturalists were astounded by this unusual activity. It was beautiful.

June ~ Finished up the fill in on the boat (how lovely to be there for only a month!) and flew back to Indiana to help out around the CPAF offices before Masterworks. Stayed at the Doric and had a nice time visiting and working and resting. MasterWorks began and Brandon and I discovered we were a decade older than the rest (excepting Danny and Josh) of the theatre group. Our show was Cyrano and I had the great priviledge of being entrusted with the role of Roxane.

July ~ Masterworks continues. As usual, a wonderful time. So great to work on a show again and also be a part of a Christian community, to see God working and speaking in your life and the lives of those around you. Wonderful theatre group that I loved getting to know and work with. The show goes really well, and we felt that God answered our prayers regarding it. Had a delightful time and was sad to see it end. Stayed a week longer with a small group of others and we had a post Masterworks time of rest, fellowship, movie watching and the like. Not to mention cinnamon rolls, jazz and a wicked thunder storm. Came home to the Burrow realizing that NY was coming closer and feeling so unsure.

August ~ spent time at The Burrow. Visited friends. Celebrated Bergen's brithday. Helped Dev teach a theatre camp for 5-9 year olds and was daily entertained by the things they would say. Searches on Redeemer Pres Classifieds for rooms in NY. Finally worked out a time to go up to the Big Apple to scout out rooms and scope out the city, see how I felt.

Two weeks ago ~ left on a bus for NY, unsure of how long patchwork couch crashing would allow me to stay, unsure of much, and nervous about the city.

To present ~ stayed in the city for two whole weeks. Saw God answering prayers, providing and suprise...found myself falling for the city.
All of my worlds collide there too and I found hospitality, help and kindness from all arenas of my life so far; AmeriCorps (Milena), Masterworks (Rich and Joyce), Belhaven/Jackson (Bonnie and Alex), the Boat (Danny and Becky) and YWAM was in NY so I was reminded of that just by being there. And from my new NY friend who is in a similar boat~ Emma Sutton (thanks Gert.)

Home at the Burrow. Packing up to move. Big Apple adventure, here I come.

~Psalm 121~

Pictures notes and credits;
1- AmeriCorps Reunion; Jordan, me, Mel, Tager, Jeanna. Photo- Mrs. Tager with Mel's prof camera.
2- Easter; Twins, Dev and me
3-Humpback whale, Alaska, from the NGSeaBird. Photo-Leah Eaton
4-Cyrano de Bergerac; Brandon Langeland, me. Photo- MWF tech team.
5- Stella Adler Studio Sign; photo fromwww.stellaadler.com