Friday, October 28, 2011

Bits and pieces

It is officially cold in New York City. It took it's time getting here but it has now arrived and coats, scarves and hats can make their way out of closets and drawers and suitcases and store shelves now. Apparently this Halloween weekend we actually have a forecast for snow. While this does mean I'm more eager to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning it strangely doesn't deter me from wanting my window open or filling an ice cream craving.

In other news classes are great and I'm learning lots. Stella Adler has what I was looking for and I love it. We're halfway through this first semester. It was my aim to be present in my classes, to enjoy each moment, and I thought it may be a difficult goal as it usually is in other areas of my life. Not so. I'm not ever quite ready for my class to end, I don't watch the clock, am not eager to get out and 'get on' with whatever comes next. Which is certainly good given it's why I came here but even with things that we like to do or are driven to do, there's still often that watch the clock mentality.

I will say that my job is a different matter. :) But having one is certainly good and I'm going to be pursuing other options as it's only temporary holiday work anyway.

I'm soon going to be switching over to a new blog address. My 'new' g-mail address won't connect to this account and it's a pain to have it seperate. So once I decide on a good URL that's actually available I believe it will be time to begin again.