Friday, January 20, 2012

What Works For You?

Isn’t it funny how one little thing can open up a door of motivation or inspiration? I’ve been feeling unmotivated lately. This week I made a phone call to a friend and left a silly message using our 'back porch' accent. Suddenly I felt like I could write, like I wanted to say things, do things. Like waking up on the right side of the bed. (Currently if I wake up on the wrong side I hit the wall. Literally I mean.) Other funny things will open up doors of inspiration too, or the feeling of being yourself again, a reminder that life is hopeful, that what seemed unsolvable now has possibility. Sunshine in dark cobwebby corners.

On this topic of motivation…how do you discover the best way that they personally work? I remember in college a professor recommending to a classmate that instead of doing something this way (say plowing through, sticking to one thing until finished, etc.) because of his personality he should try stepping outside the ‘norm’ and do it this other way (working in bursts of time, not holding to just one project.) Using what works for you instead of adhering to what you consider the ‘right’ way to do something can increase your productivity not to mention relieving self placed pressure. I say this like I know, I’m guessing that this would be true.

When I was in YWAM our first few weeks were for class time and lectures. Before we started our leaders talked to us about how different people learn in different ways. We were given permission to stand and walk around if it didn’t bother our teachers and if it helped us to concentrate/take it in. We also had things like stress balls, things that could keep our hands busy if we were tactile learners. And some people do best with the good old fashioned sit still and listen. I recently heard someone echo what my best friend in college told me in regards to studying- how if you just paid attention in class you shouldn't’t have problems. But while that worked for him, I can pay attention, I can listen, I can take notes, but it does not mean that I will absorb. Maybe part of that is over stressing, and feeling like I won’t absorb it. Perfection poison.

I feel like I get stuck trying to do things the way I think they should be done, the way they ‘ought’ to be done, when maybe that’s just blocking me and isn’t beneficial. Where’s the line between discipline and trying to force a mold that isn’t working? Thoughts?