Monday, September 9, 2013

Let the Adventures Begin

Today Terrell and I had a long day prepping H4 to be polished and ready to perform on Wednesday, running through workshops, and loading up the van for the start of a fall season of taking Margie & Mike and H4 (or so we call it) to schools in Ohio and also Pennsylvania and Michigan. We got to the rehearsal space at 9:30 and made our last trip down the elevator after load in at 6:30. After the last load of stage equipment going into the van we both collapsed against the elevator walls and laughed at the unplanned mutual expression. "This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership." Only not the beginning because we've just spent the past month getting these shows ready to hit the road. As we finished up final touches to H4 today Nina commented on the subtle but poignant changes "Wow, you miss a day...." Because of how right she was I couldn't help but think what it would be like if someone had missed a week. It's been so fun to watch how this brand new show has evolved as we've worked it this past month. I ran across pages from the first draft the other day and laughed at how foreign some of the lines seemed now. Watching the characters and story become more concise, direct, and tight has been a fun adventure. And now we'll get to watch and see how the kids react, what they relate to, where they laugh, and where they don't.
Nowadays there are multiple moments where something brings me back to the happy reality of "This is my JOB. And I love it." Today one such moment came when Al gave me t-shirts to try on for going to schools. They have the Cleveland Play House logo on the front and it made me grin to remember yet again that this is where I work. So good.