Sunday, April 12, 2015

Alaska Adventures With Mama Henry and Fierce Koala (Day 27~Year 27: 30 to 30)

Of all the amazing things I got to see while working on the Boat one of my all time favorites was seeing my Mom on the dock in Sitka. Since I was little she'd talked about Alaska and I'd always wanted to take her somehow. You get a free trip on any expedition when you've fulfilled a 6 month contract and things lined up for my Mom to come the last week I was on a fill in in Alaska. It's still hard for me to believe that this happened. It was  a bit Ridiculous. And lovely. However it worked out I'm so thankful it did. I'm also grateful to my brother Sam who after I called Mom (from my first visit in Cleveland actually!) to propose the actual plan talked some sense into her when she was tottering.
 The whole day my Mom was traveling I was worrying about her flight transfers and Would She Make It. I'd never seen her fly and didn't know til then that she was fine with it. I've learned a Whole Lot the past few years about things I thought my Mom didn't like when actually she does, things are just different when you're watching kiddos versus not watching kiddos. Example~I thought she didn't like cities. And I was wrong.) It's kind of cool getting to know your parents as an adult.
 I also called Moma couple of days before to discuss definitions of "Cold".
 "No really, I know you love love love the cold, but really Mom, it's C o l d. It's boat cold. It's cold. Please bring actually warm clothes. Please."
"Mom. Like not cotton. Bring synthetic stuff."

 When they brought in her luggage the Expedition Specialist came to me looking worried.
"Did we lose your Mom's luggage?"
[ Dry and with slight eye roll ]"No. That IS her luggage."
 "It's just a carry on."
 "Where are her boots?"
 "She's wearing them."
 The ES's worry turned to admiration "I wish I could pack like that!"
Yes. Excepting for the part where the "boat cold" wasn't believed. The rest of the week I chased her like a Mother duck (ironic, yes.) trying to bundle her up with extra coats and thermal things.

 It was so great to have her there and I had a day off to spend with her too. We went out for a hike and on a raft ride to see bald eagles and mountains and trees and sea lions. Then we came back for lunch and were both so freaking worn out that we lay in bed and I was trying with forced gusto to get her to go kayaking but I was too tired to fight while she lay on the other side of the bed saying,
 "Yeah. Yeah. We can do that. We can do whatever you want." in voice that was clearly falling totally asleep and not about to get into a kayak.
 We did kayak at some point. We got ice cream in Petersburg, met new people, had slumber parties in her room, went to Glacier Bay and saw calving glaciers, and the last day of the trip we watched a bunch of humpbacks bubble net fishing at dinner time. And it was the last week of my fill in so we got to stay in the hotel together and have a girls night and then fly back to WV with a Scotch toast to a grand adventure. An adventure with my Mama.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I love this. Thank you. And thank you for making my dream of seeing Alaska come true. You make it sound like it was no big deal because you had a "free trip". But what you graciously don't mention is your generosity & all the sacrifices you made to buy my plane tickets, pay for hotels, & all the other expenses to give me this amazing trip. I know you gave up part of your own plans & dreams to make it happen & that means the world to me. You are amazing, best daughter ever. Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life. I will never forget it. I love you more than you will ever know.