Thursday, April 9, 2015

CPAF/Lake Lodge Girls (Day 24 ~Year 24: 30 to 30)

 "The Lord is good to me, And so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the appleseed, the Lord is good to me."
 While this little song naturally brings to mind the Disney cartoon of Johnny Appleseed from where it originates, it also instantly reminds me of Mary Jeane Kraft & a prayer time at CPAF. Every morning before work we'd pray together as staff and interns and one morning MaryJeane's prayer was this song. I don't remember what we were praying over but I remember this being so apt . It feels apt now too both as I start to write about CPAF and as I wish I had more time to spend on these late posts but that being because of gratefulness for the richness of people and places and times that God has placed in my life.

 At CPAF I was an intern with 3 other girls and we lived in a lake house and worked at the office. For the first half of my time there I missed Jackson a ridiculous lot. I missed theatre. I missed my group of friends and community. I knew that I was where I was supposed to be, the Lord had given me a peace not my own about coming, and while I knew I had much to be grateful about it was all in my head but not in my heart. And then one day that changed. My Belhaven friends had come to visit me on their break which was pretty amazing and I remember Meg basically saying to me that I needed to be grateful for the gorgeousness I was surrounded by, that I didn't have to be stuck in concrete. And I remember having a quiet time with God and basically saying that if my sadness sent me to Him then that was good. And something shifted. All the thankfulness I knew I Should be, got sent to my actual heart and I FELT grateful. It was lovely. And from there, my darling crazy chicken Hungarian sister (don't ask, I don't really have an explanation, it's just what we call each other) and I decided to create a show. We were the only two actresses in the office (Christi was there at first but then she had a wedding in our house and moved away leaving us surrounded by classical musicians. ) and there were precious few theatre opporunities in our immediate Indiana area. So we decided we needed to create one. And we did. We set aside rehearsal time at our house each night and we crafted a show out of what was on our hearts. Which for me was contentment. So Greener Grass was born. And what a blessing to go into a rehearsal space, (sometimes not really wanting to rehearse) in our own house (by the freaking lake may I restate.), pray over the rehearsal and give it to God, and then do the work.
 Beyond this, that year was another excellent time of growing both artistically and spiritually. Living with Annaka, and Krisz and Julie and working with a wonderful staff of artists (and Cyd! Cyd who kept us sane and on track and listened to us cry. She was the office manager and while Krisz and I may have been a minority as actresses among musicians, Cyd was a counselor surrounded in general by performing artists.) truly makes me say~ " The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord...."After Christy and Barry's wedding at the Lake house Christi's brothers mentioned the benefit of sharing meals together (actually they said snarkily when they learned that though we lived together we didn't do this. "Oh well I guess there is no benefit to living in community." heh. It was effective.Also that was a great day. A wedding in our house in the morning and sledding with the guys followed by dinner thanks to Krisz and a random viewing of Back to the Future.) we took to it and traded off making dinner 4 nights a week. This simple shift changed our relationships with each other, which though we were simply 4 roommates helps me see why this would be important in a family setting later.
 And while I say' simply four roommates', it's no shrugging off. Sharing life with these women that year was such a blessing. We read Psalms together in the mornings, prayed together, sometimes fought together, sought resolution together, reminded one another of God's Truth when it was hard to remember ourselves. And we laughed and played too. And kept a boat from crashing into our house. (It happened.
And got flooded into our house. :) "...the Lord is good to me."

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