Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Sums (Days 28 & 29, and also Today~Years 28 & 29:30 to 30)

 Today (Sunday)  after worship and service at GHC, I was downstairs helping to take care of the bebe's in nursery. It's such a wonder to look at my friend's Joel and Allison's little Daisy from across the room, how she looks like both her parents, how I wouldn't have known when I first moved to Cleveland what great friends they would be, how they would remain in my life when original hopes & plans shifted and moved. And it's a wonder to hold Rosemary (yes, our nursery is full of flowers.) and think how last year her Mom obligingly let me rest my hand on her tummy to feel the baby move while we got ready for our friend's wedding, and how we didn't know Rosey then and now here she is, her own little human being, laughing and smiling at me and simply so precious. And I'm grateful for the people here, and for how we've in ways small or big been part of each other's lives. And the stress I feel from the week is helped by holding babies, and by singing worship, and by hearing truth, and by praying after a sermon on anxiety (how apt. He's always doing that.), and by seeing people I care about. And these things, they aren't my salvation, they can't be my hope, but it's beautiful that God can order our good in such a way to include these elements in how we flourish. And I look at the babies and am in wonder at the friendships they remind me of, and the lives of the people & the community around me, and how what I thought I was moving to Cleveland for isn't why I stayed.
 After service Kevin comes downstairs and says hello to his own favorite little person~ when Clara is in the room I wonder if I might lost my boyfriend to her but I'm okay with that. She's four after all, and they both adore one another. I ask if he'll take me to pick up my headshots because I have an audition and he says yes and asks if I'll be done in time for dinner with our friends Chiara and Josh that night. "Of course!" I've been looking forward to dinner with them all week, I love that I landed in the same city as these two. Chiara and I met in 2009 at MasterWorks and given that she's from Switzerland I never dreamed I'd get to do life in the same random city, with the same great people, in the same church with her. Chiara loves birthdays and for each of my CLE ones she's done something to make it special, like make Josh wake up to go get me so she could make me pancakes. :) She's busy on Monday and says she wants us over for dinner so she can celebrate with me.
 I will definitely be done with auditions on time.
 "Do we need to bring anything?" Kevin asks.
 "I meant to text Chiara, I'll do that."
 "Okay, well let me know what she says and I can pick it up on the way."
 I'm not quite prepared for these auditions and wasn't sure I'd go. When I told Cassie this the night before she said "Oh you haaaave to go! You loved that!" It's the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival auditions.
She's right, I did love it. 28th year was definitely highlighted by getting involved in theatre in Cleveland. My first performance in 3 yrs was actually on my 28th birthday, then I performed with CSF (the one Cassie was referring to) and then got to work with the Cleveland Play House as an actor educator in their Classroom Matinee Touring Program. Which was wonderful. That contract ended a year ago and 29 brought me full circle back to Starbucks in the Cleveland Clinic (busiest in the state thank you.) and that's where this good looking social worker started coming in and ordering an Americano everyday. Then one day last summer he popped up at my church and my people placement radar took a few minutes to register where and why and how I knew him. "One of your regulars, Grande Americano, Bing!" And so I went and said "Hi!" and he looked surprised, and smiled. Then lots of other stuff happened and didn't happen and the timing was off and there was a phone call someone likes to refer to as the "I don't like you" call, which is not actually what I said, but it was still That Call. Then Fall came, and good looking social worker was coming to my community group now so he was in my path alot. And timing changed. And there was another phone call, from him this time, about penguins and a 'proper date'. Which was lovely and lasted a whole Sunday and turned into Actually Dating.
 I felt unprepared for the audition but in the getting ready & the sunshine gorgeousness of the day & Kevin's help in acquiring headshots, I started to feel more excited & also like myself in a way I miss.
  It made me laugh to get chips and guac at Chipotle so that I can use their bathroom to do my make-up and change, semi-run through my monologues, and then snag a table to assemble my headshot and res (which the bookstore kindly printed for me as I had one copy and needed two. Thank you so much Mac's Books~I owe you.) While putting the rest of my life back together in my Mary Poppins bag I chuckled and thought "Yup. This makes me feel like an actor."
 And I leave and look like a crazy person not only because of my bag but also because I'm running through lines and therefore talking passionately to imaginary people while crossing the street. On my way to the building I see Josh and Chiara and sneak up for hugs, happy to see such good friends before an audition. They tell me I look good and wish me luck and they're the friends we're seeing later so we exchange "looking forward to it!"'s
 I'm the first one there and close on my heels are two former cast mates from the summer I did this, so again I feel happy and encouraged. And I audition and  I forget half the words to my first monologue which is remarkable because I know it back and forth, but I just keep going and part of me is thinking "I have no idea what I'm saying. I don't know what these words are." And part of me is thinking "This is Shakespeare and it's Much Ado, they totally know that I don't know these words." And part of me isn't thinking, she's just going. The second piece goes much better and to my happy amazement they want me to come to callbacks. On the way out I say to my former director who sat in, "I don't know where the words went Tyson. They were just gone." And he says "Oh darling, you wouldn't have known it watching you." which makes me feel oh so much better. And I have a call back. And that feels great.
I walk home and sit in the sun with Cassie and thank her for getting me to go. Cute social worker picks me up to go to our friends house and I use lots of words to tell him how the audition went. And we get to Josh and Chiara's and give hugs and I tell Kevin I can't breath in his hug, which he says is perfect, which is not weird at all, and then he lets me go and the dining room is full of lots of people. Which is also why there are streamers. And they are people I really like. To celebrate with me. Because Kevin thought that would be a good surprise idea for my birthday. Which is pretty great. And there are really beautiful cakes too. And there is yummy food & tasty drinks. And babies to hold and friends to hug and talk to. And that's where I end 29 and say hello to 30.


Anonymous said...

whoa. That was really good. You gave me chills. And it makes me happy to know you are so happy & loved & living such a rich, colorful life.<3

Faith said...

Aw, thanks Mama! It makes me so glad that you liked it!

And thanks for going through Robot Proof Nonsense to comment, I'm looking at the I'm Not A Robot box right now and it is a little humorously intimidating.