Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Boat (Day 25~Year 25:30 to 30)

When I was 25 the year started looking like I was going to have one kind of adventure. And then that changed. Which was very good. But then I wanted to Do Something. Since before my adventures began I'd learned about Lindblad Expeditions and thought that could be really fun to do one day. In AmeriCorps I learned that my team mate & now friend Jordan knew about them too and his brother (who now I know too!) worked for them. Jordan said he'd wanted to work with them as well. And one day he did. And then he would start to write me about whales or when I'd see him at reunions he'd say "You should come work on the boat Feet."

And so.
It was time.

I was in Indiana after a MasterWorks festival when I got the email with my itinerary and I didn't even know what to do with myself. I was going to Alaska. Alaska. I hadn't expected it and I was excited. And from there I'd go to Oregon and Washington for fall on the rivers. And then (what the what was Shipyard? Oh boy, I'd learn.) a month or so in California, and finally Baja California, what I didn't yet know is one of the most magical places I've ever been and I dare say on earth. It was positively ridiculous, and wonderful, that my itinerary included every place that my particular boat~ The SeaBird~goes. 

So yeah. I worked on a boat. It was pretty cool. Sometimes I hated it. Sometimes it was ridiculously awesome. Definitely it provided me incredible opportunities I'd never have been able to do otherwise. And definitely I've written lots about it here in previous posts and I am pretty stupid tired tonight so that's about all I'm gonna say on it for now. 

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