Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday Storms

I look forward to Sundays. They're quiet days. When I'm living the way I want to I go to church and nothing is required of me that day but rest. I read, spend time with friends, write letters or journal. This Sunday was rainy which makes it all the better. It was really really rainy. And windy. Hurricane effect I suppose. The lake was busy with droplets and wind.
In the middle of a journal entry one of my housemates, Annaka, starts calling my name. More than that. "Faith! Faith! We need your help!"


So I go out into the living room and outside I see Julie wrestling a boat. Yes, a boat. She was in the water with a boat. A large one. I ran outside in my cute pink sweater that was not meant for lake weed.

The boat was a rogue, a runaway and was threatening to run into our neighbors much smaller boat and crush his much smaller dock. Thus Julie being in the water.

Annaka and I helped hold the boat. We got on board to look for identification and Annaka called our friend Joy to ask what on earth we should do. Meanwhile the rain is pouring and the wind is getting stronger. And we're laughing our heads off with no idea of what to do except keep Fred (we named it) away from the rocks and the dock and the other boat. We are up to our knees in water. Julie's brand new galoshes weren't quite doing the trick since she was over them in water.
Joy calls the police and apparently there really is someone who handles this kind of thing. Only they like Sundays too. They aren't there. And the dispatch lady has no idea what to tell us.
So Joy comes with a camera. Our neighbor Pete pulls up in his truck and when yelling his name brings no results I run over and find him still in his truck.

"Pete! Pete! There's a runaway boat!" says the drenched girl in the pink sweater.
Pete looks at me.
"There's a boat and it's here and we're trying to keep it away from the rocks and the dock and the boat and we don't know what to do!"
Pete looks over my shoulder. Pete says he is headed to the police chief's anyway and will ask them about it.
I run back and hop in the water again because obviously I'm not wet enough.

"I hope we make some friends!" says Annaka
" I hope we make some money." Says Julie
"Ha!" say I

Pete comes back and the police again haven't much info for us. Apparently we're just supposed to let the boat do its thing. Not wanting Pete's property to suffer though we tie it up to the swing (and by we I mean Pete).

We thanked him and Joy and went inside, tired and cold, for warm clothes and hot tea. We laughed at the absurdity of the whole situation and looked forward to relaying the story later. The theme of holding things continued later when one of our common room windows came crashing open and cracked along its wood frame threatening to fall off and spill the glass pane. So we took turns holding it while trying to figure out what to do. And naturally we called Joy. Again.

The window has yet to be fixed (it's being held up by chairs and a funnoodle) and the boat was recovered rather anticlimactically (and with no interest in the story or much thanks either. Sorry Annaka, no friends. Sorry Julie, no money.) but the story has brightened the week and makes us laugh when it gets told. Ah bonding.

And now, I'm looking forward to Sunday. Which I hope is quiet...


girl with a flower tattoo said...

thanks for painting a very vivid picture - i could hear your laughter and i missed you.

much love!
hope sunday is restful for you.

Keet said...

I must've gotten the facts mixed up. I was under the impression there was a Moose. A moose had driven the boat & crashed through your window & you had to hold the moose. Have you been drinking? Or was that me? I wish you'd get your story straight before you confuse me with facts and even more I wish for you An Uneventful Sunday. hehe Love, Henry

Keet said... Pete the moose????

justjuls said...

Sounds like a fantastic way for a perfectly awesome Sunday to get "ship-wrecked".

Mary said...

Wow, that is some excitement!! Did your pink sweater survive??

Mary L.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my dear Tiny!

It's so delightful to hear about your adventures. I'm trying not to disturb the other students (at the comp lab) with my laughter, while imagining all the excitement you described. Thanks for the fun story. :D

I'll call soon.